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Arthro7 - Clinically Tested Joint Formula

With over 8 million units sold, Arthro-7 is clinically proven to relieve joint discomfort, promote joint mobility, rejuvenate joint tissue, and nourish joint cartilage.

For over a decade, the bone and joint supplement Arthro-7 has helped thousands of people find relief from joint discomfort and support their mobility. A recently published scientific study confirms that Arthro-7 is clinically effective in relieving joint discomfort and stiffness, and promoting mobility.


It’s difficult to maintain flexibility in your joints whether due to age, stress, or inactivity. Arthro-7 is a clinically proven joint formula that wants to help you get back to being active and enjoying life.

The 4 major benefits of taking Arthro-7 are:

  • Relieve Discomfort
  • Promote Mobility
  • Rejuvenate Tissue Growth
  • Nourish Cartilage

Some people see results in as little as two weeks.*


Arthro-7® contains a proprietary blend of 7 unique ingredients that work synergistically to provide nourishment for joints.

Collagen (from Chicken)

Collagen is the main component of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. It helps support and nourish the joints. Collagen is one of the most abundant substances in your body and its long, fibrous structure is both strong and flexible, making it ideal for supporting healthy range of motion.
Collagen is a pretty amazing material. It has certain innate properties that can heal wounds. It's been shown in many studies to fortify unhealthy joints, improve mobility, and support overall joint health.

Vitamin C

This essential vitamin is necessary for collagen formation and is an important antioxidant that supports overall health. Vitamin C (or L-ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate) is an essential nutrient for humans and certain other animal species. In living organisms, ascorbate is an antioxidant, since it protects the body against oxidative stress.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

A natural form of organic sulfur found throughout the body. It supports flexibility and strength in connective tissues and cell membranes. MSM is a biologically active form of sulfur, which is the key to healthy collagen, cartilage, and joints.

When you don't get enough sulfur, your body may not produce enough collagen. Then joint cartilage can't be repaired and the walls of your cells become hard and stiff, like old leather.

Once you restore your body's supply of sulfur, your cell walls can become more flexible and permeable. They can then flush out toxins more easily and grow healthier.

CMO (cetyl myristoleate)

CMO is a fatty acid that works naturally to support joint comfort. CMO is an extraordinary lubricator that is sometimes referred to as WD-40 for the muscles, tendons, and joints.

CMO may very well support the health of your cartilage, making it more pliable and flexible. The health-restoring properties of this substance are amazing.


This protease (an enzyme that breaks down protein) comes from the pineapple plant. Bromelain refers to a mixture of sulfur-containing proteolytic enzymes, or proteases, obtained from the stem of the pineapple plant (Ananas comosus). Bromelain is widely used in Europe and Japan. Enlightened doctors here in the U.S. are now recognizing its role in increasing mobility and promoting joint health.

Bromelain has a special targeting ability: According to a study conducted in Hawaii, it actually seeks out and neutralizes "bad" prostaglandins, which can jeopardize joint health.

It is used to speed up healing time and pain reduction post operatively, and in athletic injuries.


Another digestive enzyme that works well with the other ingredients. Lipase is a digestive enzyme that helps the body absorb compounds like CMO.


This yellow spice has a long history of traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric is a spice that is used throughout Asia. It is also known by its botanical name, Curcuma longa. This pungent spice has a brillant yellow color and is typically used to make curry.

Ayurvedic healers have long prescribed turmeric as a potent tonic for curbing inflammation and promoting overall joint health. Several clinical trials conducted at research facilities in India have demonstrated turmeric's unique joint-supportive abilities. In an animal study, scientists at India's Central Food Technological Research Institute found that the active ingredient in turmeric can boost joint health by as much as 73%.

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Clinical Study

Clinically Proven Arthro-7

Clinically Proven in Collaboration with a UCLA Researcher

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, Arthro-7 was shown to support joint comfort and promote mobility.

In the study, 74.5% of participants who took Arthro-7 experienced greater joint comfort and mobility compared to only 16.3% of placebo users.


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your desire to take what's ultimately best for your body so we've collected the most asked questions of Arthro-7 and have gladly answered them here.

What is Arthro-7?
Arthro-7 is a clinically proven, all natural supplement that supports joint comfort.
What does Arthro-7 contain?
Arthro-7 contains a proprietary blend of 7 powerful ingredients such as MSM, Collagen (from chicken), CMO to help nourish the joints to promote connective tissues and joint cartilage.
What is the recommended serving?
The recommended dosage is two capsules twice a day for the first four weeks, preferably before any two meals. Continue at this dosage thereafter, or you may reduce to two to three capsules daily for maintenance purposes.
When will I start seeing results?
Each individual reacts differently to Arthro-7. Some customers have reported the benefits as early as 2 weeks. Results can vary.
Are there side effects or risk associated, any reactions to medication?
Arthro-7 is made from ingredients that are deemed safe. But, as with any supplements, you should consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product especially if you are pregnant, lactating, taking any medications, have food allergies, or if you have any medical conditions.
Where is Arthro-7 made?
Arthro-7 is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-approved manufacturing facility. This facility adheres to the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) guidelines that monitor quality control.
What happens if I discontinue Arthro-7?
It is best to include Arthro-7 as a part of a long-term health program. We recommend taking Arthro-7 on a daily basis to support healthy joints.
Do I have to alter my lifestyle?
Healthy habits such as eating a healthy diet, daily exercise, and targeted nutritional supplementation all support joint health; however, in the clinical test, Arthro-7 was effective for supporting joint comfort without these lifestyle changes.
How is Arthro-7 different from the other joint products available on the market?
Arthro-7 is a clinically proven joint support formula that has sold over 8 million units to hundreds of thousands of satisfied repeat customers.
Are there side effects or risk associated, any reactions to medication?
The ingredients in Arthro-7 have no known side effects or interactions with other ingredients. It is absolutely safe for you to take Arthro-7 if you are already taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin.


Success Stories from People like You

Some of Arthro-7's Written Testimonials
James P. Shevlin, Wesley Chapel, Fl
"4 years ago, my wife gave me Arthro7. In 2 days, my pain in my joint, hands and back are gone. Thanks to Arthro7, I can walk 2 miles a day. I'm 62 years yound. I'm Arthritis free."
Julio Mendez, Lawndale, CA
"In 1987 I had a back operation. It was successful but after a few months I would get up and my back would be stiff. Then I tried Arthro-7 and I no longer have that feeling. It's been almost 10 years since I've used it."
Janice Cox, Sanford, NC
"I was a high school English teacher when I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my lower back. The constant pain was unbearable and leaning over students' desks to lend individual help became excruciating. I was prescribed pain medication, but I soon realized that each time the pain medicine wore off, my condition had worsened. I was told it was a degenerative condition with no cure. I could expect replacement surgery and a wheel chair in the future. I was not willing to except disability at 51. In my research for a way to improve my condition, I came across Arthro-7. For me, it was a miracle. After just one day's use, I felt better. After a weeks's use, I no longer needed the pain medicine. Today, at 61, I still take Arthro-7 every day, and I credit it for allowing me to enjoy an active, productive lifestyle."
Mary Bolt, Hudsonville, MI
"My mom had knee trouble resulting in surgeries. I didn’t have to go through that too. When my knees started giving me a lot of pain, I started taking Arthro-7 and Glucosamine+Chondroitin+MSM. With these products I am a new person. I started at age 35 and wouldn't miss a day. I am now 42."
Maxine Creco, Rockville Centre, NY
"Arthro-7 I recommend it to everyone! Ten years ago I was unable to put my hair in a ponytail because I could not lift my arms. Now, I am as nimble as a teenager. If I was stranded on a desert island I'd want lipstick and Arthro-7."
Fred Keskeny, New Boston, MI
"I was playing catch with my grandson and had to throw underhand due to pain in my shoulder and elbow. After taking MSM capsules and Arthro-7 over the winter, I told him to back up as I was throwing overhand with no pain."
Eleanor L. Bottjer, New Rochelle, NY
"After swimming with the polar bears (winter swimmers here in New York) my joints were giving me trouble, mainly knees. About then I heard about Arthro-7, I've been taking two every day for about ten years and ever since I've had no pain at all. Thank you."
Dorothy Beckman, Afton, NY
"It may not be a big story to anyone but me. My hands were like claws, so painful, big red knuckes. I started taking Arhro-7 and in 3 weeks, my hands hurt less. My knees, all the pain are gone. I can bend my fingers. I am forever grateful. It's like a miracle."
Franklin Ewert, Neosho, WI
"I have used Arthro-7 for years when my knee and hip was hurting a few years ago. Im without pain since taking the Arthro-7"
Jo Chrisman, Cordova, AL
"I was on several Arthritis drugs and the articles I read about these drugs I stopped taking them because they were destroying my liver and other vital organs. My mom told me about Arthro-7 and started taking them. In 3 months I noticed a difference. Now I am walking proof Arthro-7 works."
Sylvia Yost, Hon, HI
"I'd recommend Arthro-7 to anyone with aches and pains. It has done wonders for me. I'm enjoying life again at 90 years old. Thanks for a wonderful product."
Robert T. Detmek, O.D.
"In the year "2000" I began taking Arthro-7 for joint problem till "2004". Now in "2005" I'm back on Arthro-7 with excellent results again. At 85 years of age, I'll continue with this excellent therapy till I run out of "years"."
Martha K. Wenger, Prence Valley, KY
"My body was aching and my hands where so bad I had a hard time taking care of my Day Care children. I wouldn't grip things very well. The pain would bring tears to my eyes. The Doctor said it was Arthritis. I knew it would get worse and I would have to give up my child care business. I got onto Arthro-7, after a couple of months I felt so much better. It also helped my back."
Marie Real, Kernersville, NC
"I was ashamed to get up at work or when going out for dinner. I had a big problem with standing up and walking with joint pain in my knees. I could not straightened my knees when first standing. I started taking Arthro-7. It has been a blessing from God to me. I was been taking now for 3 years."
Marjorie L. Alexander, Hobe Sound, FL
"My knees were bothering me when I went up and down. A friend said she had recommended Arthro-7 to a friend and wondered if it worked. I then found on my desk a brochure and decided to try it. No more pain!! In April, I forgot to order Arthro-7 and the pain came back. I placed an order right away."
Becki Lenhart, Black Diamond, WA
"At 50, I thought I would have to give up playing soccer as my hips ached so after games. My father recommended Arthro-7 and I am still going strong today at 55. No hip pain at all."
Joan Goh, Conyers, GA
"Couple years ago, MRI report confirmed I've a torn ligament on my right knee. Doctor also advised to have a knee surgery as I suffered stiffness in my leg and walk limping. Well, I challenge doctor's advice. I started yoga and taking Arthro-7 regularly. Now I'm walking good, work full-time, no stiffness, no limping."
Janet Wallace, Seal Rock, OR
"Arthro-7 saved my right thumb. With much pain and weakness in the thumb joint, I tried different medicines, with no relief. Visiting a hand speacialist, I was told I needed a joint replacement. Not yet willing to give up my old joint, I kept trying to find better solutions. I found Arthro-7; it works! The pain lessened and it keeps getting better. And I still have my own thumb. A thumb's up for Arthro-7. It is a blessing."
Jan Shepherd, Foresthill, CA
"A year ago, I was having a lot of knee and elbow pain. My work is pretty physical. So my husband suggested that I take Arthro-7. He has been taking it for four years. Within 2 months I was seeing significant relief. At ages 67 and 64, we are still very active and really enjoy being pain free. Thank you."
David Volheim, Elkhart, IN
"As a former athlete and baseball catcher for over twenty years, my knees had taken a beating. When I reached about 45 years of age my mobility was becoming affected and I was experiencing tendonitis type of pain. I then discovered "Arthro-7"!! I have used the product ever since and have had great results with mobility returned and no pain!!! I have gotten my mother, who is 96 years old, using the product to assist with arthritis."
Karen Belflowers, Phenix City, AL
"I am a 34 yr old woman who has terrible arthritis in my knee, some days it hurts to walk, move or stand. After my dad told me about Arthro-7 I have been virtually pain free. I recommend it to anyone with arthritis."
Judith A Redman, Breinigsville, PA
"I started taking Arthro-7 back in May 05 and in about 2 months my knees no longer swelled with fluid. I can bend my knees normally of course. I walk everyday at least 1 hr and do water aerobics 2 times weekly. But the Arthro-7 sure made a big differnce for me."
Juanita G. Meador, Vista, CA
"I suffered with my knees and joints for several years. I could not sleep at night. Picked up a magazine at the Beauty Shop and read about Arthro-7. I ordered a month supply. After three weeks, I was sleeping all night and have not had any pain since. Would not live without Arthro-7."
Betty J. Riley, Arrow, OH
"I have severe Osteoporosis of the spine. Stiffness in joints and trouble getting up and getting down... It's amazing how much it has helped me deal with the pain of Arthritis. Thank you so much for this product. I am 82 years old. "
Lillian Greenberg, Chicago, IL
"I am 95 years old and have had arthritis since 36 years. Aches and pain made me a constant user of NSAIDS. I read about Arthro-7 in your bulletin. It worked! I haven't used NSAIDS since. I strongly recommend taking Arthro-7 for those aches and pains."
Romuloagudelo, Portland, OR
"I have been working at the mail processing and distribution plant which requires continuous and routine movements of my upper and lower extremities taking Arthro-7 on a regular basis helps me support protect and nourish my body joints, this gives a major positive difference."
Helen Reynolds, Monsville, IN
"I am 90 years old and have been taking Arthro-7 for many years and have never needed to have any joints replaced and have had no pain all those years. My sister in law have had 2 knee replaced twice and one the third time and is still hurting badly."
Frances M. Riggs, Bellflower, CA
"I have been taking Arthro-7 for years. I need knee replacement but since taking Arthro-7 my knee does not hurt or pain to where I need this operation. I am 90 plus years old, still walking and I say thank you for keeping me active."
Charles Dell Angelo, Iron River, MI
"Oh Boy I could walk without my walker. I also feel good. I have my balance back. I am 85 years old."
Maurice R. De Walt, Rockport, TX
"My last physical failed to find any problems. Arthro7 has cured my leg cramps and knee."
Rose M. Burger, Norfolk, NE
"I have been using your product over 3 years now and really know they are improving my health. I am 59 years old and feel very good. Every here marvela at my health. I also took a trip to Seattle, Washington to stayed there for 4 weeks at my sons and daughter's home for my grand daughter's wedding which was beautiful. Thank you so much."
Lillian Shirley, Rosewell, NM
"I am a 91 year old woman who has pain in my legs and arthritis in my back, shoulders and arms. I have been using Arthro-7 for about 2 years now and it has already made a difference in my life. I hardly have pains anymore."
Darlene Evens, Balaton, MA
"Arthro-7 has helped my joints. I was in a lot of pain going up stairs and now that’s all gone. It's a good supplement."
Frances Moore, Parkersburg, WV
"As a child, I broke my "tail bone" falling on the ice. Since I'm more mature I had a brace on my back. After taking Arthro-7 for one month I am brace free."
Richard and Carolyn Manecke, Underwood, IN
"I'm a carpenter, I had joint problems for 15 years and Arthro-7 advertisements started coming in the mail. I was skeptical and didn’t want to go on pain pills, so I tried Arthro-7. In 3 months the pain was gone, that was 6 years ago, I'm 68 years old."
Sulamif Broadsky, Seattle, WA
"Several years ago, I had a big problem with my right knee. I had arthroscopy, steroid injections, injections of Hyalgan every 6 months. After I began to take Arthro-7, I felt better. My last injection of Hyalgan was more than 1 year ago and I think that I don't need it."
Mary Dee Moore, Blanchard, OK
"Starting my day with Arthro-7 help ensure that I will have a wonderful day. Working in my flowers, cooking, or going out and about with my husband. I wouldn't want to be without it."
Margaret Lyons, Potomac, MD
"I feel that one must determine product specific to your system's needs and I found relief from stiffness with Arthro7."
Fay Sewell, Elkins, PA
"I had a swollen knee which creaked when I walked. A doctor drew fluid from my knee but it did not heal. After taking Arthro-7 for a few months I do not hear any more sound in my knee. I can climb the stairs without pain and the swelling is gone."
Glenn H Goodrich, Albany, KY
"I have been taking Arthro-7 for about a year. I fell off the roof and fell again hurting the shoulder and leg. This product has relieved the pain and stiffness. I highly praise this product."
Carol Rogers, Pontiac, MI
"I was a daily walker at age 60. Started to have some discomfort of both hip joints when walking. Took various products over a period of time with slight improvement. Tried Arthro-7 for full 60 days and then discomfort completely gone. Now I'm 65 years old, continue with the product and still walk daily. No arthritic joints."
Mary Trost, Yucaipa, CA
"I learned about Arthro-7 when your brochure was put in my mailbox by mistake. I've been taking it since then. I no longer suffer from a painful hip, back, and hands. Thanks to mail carrier who made a mistake."
Muriel A. Randall, Hemet, CA
"I had been getting Rheumatoid Arthritis with more symptoms and pain. Finally, I was using a cane or walker, and needing a wheelchair whenever I traveled. Seemed like no help available. To climb any stairs, I needed to pull myself up by the handrail. Then, I began taking Arthro-7 and although I'm now 87, I can RUN. Not as far as when I was 20, but I feel great and get more done."
Cynthia E Rodner, Carriere, MS
"My arthritis in my hand was so bad, my knuckles & joints were enlarged & horrible looking my hands were painful everyday. I could not bend my right thumb and it would pop out of place causing terrible pain. After taking Arthro-7 on a regular basis, I started to see improvements. Now months later I have no pain. Its great having no pain."
Frances Stichel, Baltimore, MD
"Several years ago I developed arthrithis in my shoulder. I could not use my arm the pain was so bad. None of the medication I took helped, I read about Arthro-7 and tried it. Within three weeks, I was using my arm without any pain. I continue using Arthro-7 everyday and I am fine. I am 80 years old, do my own house work and shopping pain free."
Pearl M Kessler, Drive Auburn, IN
"I began using Arthro-7 a few years ago for my painful joints. I had received a brochure telling me about the benefits to many people with arthritis. So I sent for a supply and was faithfully taking Arthro-7 everyday. Then about six months ago money was needed for so many other necessities, and I thought maybe the Arthro-7 was just my imagination in being helpful. So I stopped getting anymore. Wow the pain that ensued as a result! Now I'm back to my daily regiman and finding my pain easing up."
Thomas Lee Sr, Birmingham, AL
"This is the only product gives my back legs muscle a relief from ailing pain what a difference. Arthro-7 lets me rest good without pain while while I am sleeping this product really does work. I tried many other products and this is the only one that helps relief the pain."
Chester Jakubiak, Baltimore, MD
"I got back into bowling, when I returned, but the knees hurt so bad I had to wear a 15 inch brace on my knees. I stand to Arthro-7 and the brace comes off and now I am pain free. This year standing the bowling season I will be 70 years old. And I am bowling pain free due to your great product Arthro-7"
Norma Sorens, Sulen, OK
"I was born and raised on a farm and had 5 brothers and sisters. We all helped on the farm I have always been small usually weighing around 100 lbs. I picked cotton and pulled a very heavy cotton sack on my shoulder. This caused osteo? And I have been taking Arthro-7 for many years which has solved my problems..."
Elizabeth Brannen, Glennville, GA
"Before taking Arthro-7 my joints were stiff & since taking Arthro-7 I can get around better & when I give out of Arthro-7 I can really tell it."
Ada Wesfall, Burnsville, NC
"I am sure glad I found Arthro-7 this is the first relief i had in a long time with my hip and knee it hurt so bad i could hardley go."
Dolores Damalas, Homestead, FL
"I have arthritis at 60 yrs my knees were very stiff and bone rubed on bone very painful to walk. Arthro-7... has given me back my freedom to enjoy life again. At 69yrs i travel, walk swim and dance do all the things i did before arthritis there is no need to have knee surgery anymore thanks for the product."
Joyce & Raymond Andrekewics, Milwaukie, OR
"We started using Arthro-7 in 1994. My husband was told he needed knee replacement, but he does not need surgery now. I also have orthro arthritis, and taking this med has taken away the pain in my hands. Both of our lives have changed. Thank you."
Mathew Owens, Cadiz, KY
"Arthro-7 took the pain out of my joints and they move freely again."
Robert A Hammelt, Campobello, SC
"My left hand was operated on and infection set in, after that arthritis was so bad that it acked day and night. They put me on arthritis medicine which caused stomach problems. A friend told me about Arthro-7 I started taking it for several years & havent had more pain. I gave my cousins husband the magazine and he told me he woulnt be wiouth anymore. He and I are so much better because of Arthro-7. Thanks"
Darlene Brown, Myers, FL
"I have used Arthro-7 for a lot of years. I quit taking it for a few months and I began hurting so bad. I went right back to it and have never been without it again. It is great"
Roland Baldin, Alexandria, VA
"I could not work properly, I had so much pain on my right knee, caused by lack of cartilage and arthritis on my knee. After four months of taking "Arthro-7" twice per day, the pain is gone and finally I can walk properly with no pain."
Melba Ryder, Deville, LA
"I'm 68 years old I have some muscle pain in my legs and feet, but I'm happy to say that Arthro-7 stops the pain and gets me going again. I walk a mile 3 times a week in the mall. Thanks..."
Beverly Carroll, Macomb, MI
"I would not be without my Arthro-7. I was in so much pain with osteo-arthritis I couldn’t do much. I was very inactive & stayed in most of the time. Now i'm able to do many things like climb the stairs etc. Gardening. Arthro-7 made me do all the things I did before arthritis."
Clarence W Struck, Missouri City, TX
"I have been taken Arthro-7 for many years. My arthritis I had for years disappeared. Also my walking is a pleasure now. I am 84 years old and feel like 40."
Michael Hulik, Auburn, NY
"I use Arthro-7, Mega MSM for 6 1/2 years for arthritis in my knee and lower back pain. I have delayed any surgery on my knees during this period. I work 1 1/2 miles a day, hunt deer, cut grass etc. I am 75 yrs old and what a blessing for me because I am able to do things that normal people do. I showed my Dr. the pills and he said this is good stuff."
Rita Edwards, Vernon, TX
"I have used Arthro-7 [and] Mega MSM for several years. I had a lot of pain in my knees. Surgeon told me I needed surgery after reading about both supplements I ordered them and in a few weeks I was doing so good I did not need my cane. It has been six years now, I am very pleased with the results."
Earle Lefton, Carlsbad, CA
"I'm 76 years old and I play tennis everyday. My knees were getting so bad I could hardly walk my Dr said its so bad I had to stop playing. I met someone who had been taking Arthro-7 and he said to try it. Well I am a new man I can run and play 7 days a week and have felt no more pain its a miracle."
Jane L. Cawood, Tallahoma, TN
"Several years ago, I was searching for something to help me with my joint and muscle problem. I could not take Rx medications for arthritis and fibromyalgia because of side effects. I received information re Arthro 7. All information re research on this seemed reliable. Since I am a nurse I felt I should try this. I usually take 2-3 capsules daily. The results were amazing, was soon able to walk and use all my joints and muscles without pain or limitation. I have not had any side effects from Arthro-7. I am 66 years old even though I'm retired I work as a nurse at least 3 days per week. I promote use of Arthro 7 to those having difficulties with their joints and muscles."
Rosalie Jakubiak, Baltimore, MD
"Arthro-7 is great. Now I can walk without a brace on my knee. I also bowl without pain."
Lula Walls, Houlka, MS
"I am 74 years old. My husband has RA. I started taking Arthro-7 several years ago my left knee was hurting real bad. My brother gave me one of your magazines and I ordered a 2 month supply. After a month I could tell it was better. I have been taking in reg. Until a few months ago I went without a few months, but I had the pain starting back so I ordered more. I never want to get without it! Thank you."
Joyce & Michael Walker, Iron Station, NC
"My mom recommended Arthro-7 to me because it has been very successful for her. I had a sore knot in my right pinkie. In my right elbow and several drawn and painful toes on my left foot, due to a bad break and surgery. My husband had pain in both knees. The knots in my finger and elbow are gone and no longer sore and the toes are straightening and not sore. As are my husbands knees."
Ron Howard, Willis, TX
"Helping a friend build a house in 1998 caused both my knees to be very painful when sitting, standing or walking. The doctor prescribed Ibuprofen or surgery. After I took 3 Arthro-7 per day for 6 weeks my knees were back to normal. Taking 1 Arthro per day ever since has kept my knees in great shape. And I will be 74 in November."
Dorothy Gordon, WI
"After taking 1 a day Arthro 7 for several years decided to discontinue due to taking several medications for various viral infections. However returned to Arthro 7 due to continuing arthritis. "happy" I'm 85 yrs old (young) and still golf and exercise by walking in the pool.(doctor indicated) I had a ruptured disk and a freak accident of stubbing my toe "falling" into the house with such force that the herniated disk became un-herniated! Tell that to a chiropractor. Arthro 7 is great and a I highly recommend it to anyone with arthritis."
Lillian Graves, Watford City, ND
"I have used Arthro-7 for a number of years my arthritis was really painful, when I take Arthro-7 the pain is gone. I wouldn't be without it."
James R Russell, Nebo, NC
"I have been taking Arthro 7 for 10 years when I started taking it I was taking advil. Now I have no pain in my joints at all and I take nothing else for pain."
Joginder Puri, Carpentersville, IL
"I was almost crippled with stiff joints for years and years. When all other efforts failed I tried Arthro-7 which had a miraculous effect. I feel a lot better now."
Genevieve Holton, LA
"Arthro-7 is my life, 3 times a day or I can't walk or work. I recycle from 7am to 3 pm and buy 6 bottles each times."
Ismael Saenz, Houston, TX
"I started taking Arthro-7 because my joints in both fingers and hands were very painful, after taking Arthro-7 for a short time, I felt great, my joints did not bother me anymore."
Monica Hill, Brownsburg, IN
"I have been using bone and joint topical gel as well as Arthro-7. Cant do without it have to use it every day it is all what you say it will do. I have found nothing better for arthritis pain."
Ruth Bronson, Port Richey, FL
"When I use your Arthro-7 I got such good relief in about 10-15 minutes! It was such a blessing to be free of pain."
Stanley Riske, Hanover, MI
"5 years ago my regular doctor sent me to the best arthritis specialist in the city. He informed me that there was nothing he could do and I wouldn’t be walking within a year. While looking through a magazine I saw an ad for Arthro-7. I ordered some and I now golf twice a week, still working a shop and am building."
Mabel La Gesse, Bloomer, WI
"Arthro-7 three years ago I hurt my knee the doctor wanted me to have a knee replacement. Instead I started to take Arthro 7. In a few months my knee was almost pain free."
Hazel Granger, Americus, GA
"I have been using Arthro-7 for 3-4 years. It has given me better relief from Osteoarthritis than any medications. Before taking Arthro-7 I had taken 8-10 prescriptions through the years. I will always take Arthro-7."
Helen Nestorick, Hanover Twp, PA
"I've been taking Arthro 7 for quite a while. It helps the pain in my knee to go away and the swelling is going down."
Herman Kluge, Joliet, IL
"I been using Arthro 7 for over a year. Arthro 7 and it works does the job."
Jack Ryan, Tucson, AZ
"I have used Arthro-7 for many years with experience I could not try to live without this product. I am 89 years old still drive my car and walk every day."
Dr. Clyde Campall, Waukesha, WI
"I used to use Arthro-7 for years. Stopped using it for 6 months and my old symptoms returned. I'm now back using it with excellent results. Thank you"
Valerie Horvath, Holland, NY
"After 10 months of Arthro 7 I found that I no longer needed to take my prescription medication for arthritis. Thank you Arthro-7"
E.L. Jackson, Stratford, WI
"I firmly believe in the Arthro 7 dietary supplement for arthritis. I have run out a few times and ended up in much pain in the last 15 years."
Iola Morgan Aka Mrs. William Morgan, Jackson, TN
"I have tried products but found out that Arthro-7 works most effectively for me. I ran out twice and could tell the difference right away. I won't be without it again. Thanks so much for Arthro 7."
Nicholas J Deenik, South Holland, IL
"Approx 4 years ago I started using Arthro 7 to stop my knee pain instead of employing an arthritis Dr. As recommended by my primary Dr. Approx 2 months later my knee pain left and has not returned."
Mary L. Davis, Winder, GA
"At 83 I feel the helpful benefits. With a healthy diet and exercise these nutra supplements strengthen and replenish my wellness."
Harry Carpenter, Lancaster, TX
"I received a 6 month supply of Arthro-7. My knees lock up and I had to stand where I was. I took 10 a day for 5 days and my knees quit locking and the pain stopped also. Thank you."
Betty Gilpin, Kansas City, MO
"I contacted rheumatoid arthritis in 2000. I started taking Arthro-7 and my symptoms subside. I tried not taking the pills and my symptoms returned. I have been taking it ever since."
Joyce Vandon Hewel, Glenn Bay, WI
"Started taking Arthro-7. I could not get up and down steps now I can my knees hurt all the time now they don’t."
Mary C Smith, Los Angeles, CA
"I am 93 years old and I have been taking your products for many years. I am very very pleased with all of the products I take."
Cheryl Baker, Philip, SD
"I have been using Arthro-7 all along and it really does help my knees and legs. I was really having quite a time with them. I wouldn’t know what to do without it."
Robert L Ertel, Batesville, IN
"Having tried Arthro 7 for approximately 60 days they quit on it and now after 1 year having tried it again I am convinced it is a great help for my knees. I can sure tell if I don’t take it every day. Thanks"
Prof. Joginder Puri, Carpentersville, IL
"Had multiple fractures in a serious car accident. Since last 10 years suffering from acute arthritis and severe joint pains and stiffness. Tried all other pain killers to no effect. Arthro 7 gave me a new life. Now I am moving around."
Carol J Herbert, Cincinnati, OH
"Two of my daughters told me to use Glucosamine instead of the Arthro-7 I had used for over 10 years. My arthritis pain became very uncomfortable within two months. I got my Arthro-7 back again within a couple of weeks, the pain vanished. Im convinced"
June Haser,New Kensington, PA
"My husband and I are on the shady side of seventy five. We were having trouble maintaining our home. Then I heard about Arthro 7 from my sister. We just hosted a party for fifty people. We never could have done it if we hadn't started on Arthro 7 the house looked good and so did we."
Frances Androjna, Cleveland, OH
"I have been taking Arthro -7 for past six years. I had pain in my left shoulder. I have been pain free since I started taking Arthro 7 I take on pill every morning with a glass of water. This works best for me. I recommend Arthro 7 to any one to alleviate their joint pain and discomfort."
Martin Halonen, Hessel, MI
"Prior to taking Arthro 7 I had to have my knees drained and injected approx every 3 months. Since taking Arthro 7 my knees have felt great. I thought I could get along w/o Arthro 7. But within a few day I realized I need the Arthro 7."
Laree Wilkinson
"I love my Arthro 7 and tell all my beauty salon patrons. How much it helps my achy joints. I love to golf and it helps my hands be able to grip my club. Don Gardners - Bob Clements - Jack (deceased)"
Carol Holtz, Geneva, IL
"Before I took Arthro 7 my hip joint was so painful I couldn’t sleep on my right side. Within six weeks I could sleep all night and even go dancing and do the jitterbug. Thanks so much great to be pain free..."
Lillian White, Thomaston, GA
"I kept getting magazines in the mail and throwing them in the garbage. Well time went by and I started to get very stiff in my legs and throughout the days I could barely stand up. I knew I had to do something so I ordered Arthro 7..."
Ms. Jeannie E Barr, Rowley, MA
"Arthro-7 has changed my life, I now can walk move my arms and shoulders with out any pain. Before I used Arthro-7 I couldn’t walk or move around without pain. Now thanks to your product Arthro-7 I can."
Leola U Boaner, Pendleton, OR
"MSM and Arthro-7 have changed my back problem and excruciating pain to walking without a cane and living a normal life. I now can walk, shop and do my own house work with minimal pain."
Edward R Millman, Milton, DE
"Several years ago I started using Arthro 7 for my thumb which went out of place and the joint was very painful. I could move the thumb back in place, but after taking Arthro 7 regularly it does not bother me at all."
Mrs. Jeanne Hess, Okla City, OK
"Arthro 7 after using the product 4 months my fingers hurt less and seem to be less crooked. Even family members have noticed the difference in appearance."
Mary Koester, Yellville, AK
"I am amazed and so pleased that I no longer suffer and lay awake nights from stiff, painful joints. They are a thing of the past ever since a friend introduced me to Arthro-7 I now move around with ease, pain free. I had feared I would be cripple."
Genevieve Mercer, Carnation, WA
"For over 20 years taking Arthro 7 I'm not any worse that 20 years ago. I can never thank you enough for your wonderful product. Thank god for it and god bless you."
Alice Baldwin, Gary, IN
"I have been using Arthro 7 for years to alleviate pain in my knees and hands. I don’t have to use the dangerous prescription drugs anymore."
Jimm Kilmer, Butte, MN
"Im 69 years old- have been bothered with back pain and arthritis and a friend introduced me to Arthro 7 who was introduced to it by another mutual friend. The product has really helped me become a lot more active and enjoyable to be around."
Robert L Erten, Batesville, IN
"Having tried Arthro 7 for approximately 60 days quit on it and now after 1 year having tried it again I am convinced it is a great help for my knees and I can sure tell if I don’t take it every day."
Gerald Beers, Priest River, ID
"We moved to Northern Idaho just over 7 years ago to establish our retirement home which we built for ourselves. Although I am 80 yrs young and in good health the trips up and down a ladder soon took their toll in my knees. After only 2 weeks on Arthro-7, both the soreness and the stiffness disappeared. I have had years (7 of them) without any joint pain. Thank you"
Christie Hochschild, San Francisco, CA
"Having already had a double hip replacement for some months I had been troubled by a knee cap which would slip out of place if I didn’t take great care getting out of the car. Within 24 hours of starting a daily regime of Arthro 7 and msm capsule my knee cap problem vanished never to return."
Lester H Deutsch, San Lorenzo, CA
"I like Arthro 7 it help me a lot I notice not taking it after 4 years. Not taking it my pain has returned to my wrist again. Both hand are sore. This why would recommend it. I've told other people about it gave them address or phone number. It really works.."
Terry Sipple, Greenville, OH
"I take Arthro and Mega MSM for arthritis. If I stop taking either one, in 3 days time I can feel the arthritis in my fingers and knees. As soon as I resume taking both the basic pain of arthritis is alleviated."
Ethel Joan Ferguson, Encinitas, CA
"Im an 84 year old retired registered nurse. My health is good and I have no arthritis pain. Because of a family history of arthritis I started taking Arthro-7 at age 78 because of stiffness of the knees. Im still living alone, driving my automobile and having good life. My finger nails are much improved, too."
Duane Welch, Leasburg, IL
"I had bad lumps on my fingers and thumb making it difficult to bend and move my hand because of the pain. But since ive been taking Arthro 7 my lumps are gone on my hands and I can move more freely. My joint also move easier. But I would recomed Arthro 7 if only for my hand."
Myrtle Mcteer, Lapeer, MT
"Arthritis in my fingers so bad I wanted to have it amputated. 2 weeks after using Arthro 7 the pain was gone and has not returned. Anywhere in my body."
Shirley Tat, Houston, TX
"I have used Arthro 7 & Mega MSM for a couple of years now and when I run out of these items my sacroiliac is so painful I cannot do anything. I am literally chair bound I could recommend these to anyone that has problems with their joints. I have both knees replaced and it has make my life worth living."
Howard Pyles, Falmouth, TZ
"I have been using Arthro 7 for about 9 months I have two bad knees. I was on a cain and in bad pain. Arthro 7 saved me form a knee replacement. I now have litle pain. Thanks to Arthro 7 I am 74 years old."
Lois Schneider, Steele, ND
"Your product Arthro 7 has been an absolute life saver for me. I felt a difference within 2 weeks and have taken it since 1994. My knees have been wonderful and no longer hurt when standing or walking."
Barbara Kelly
"After I was informed I had arthritis I was prescribed celebret & steroids. These drugs made me swell and retain fluid. I knew I had to try something else. I read about your product Arthro 7 it was amazing - 1 week made a unbelievable difference I no longer take any prescription drugs only Arthro 7 and MSM."
Zigmund Taylor, Plymouth, MI
"I am a senior 80 years old. My weakness bottled water and soda pop. Because of arthritis pain in my hands I carry pliers to open them. After I was introduced to Arthro 7 and MSM pain is almost gone and pliers are back in the tool box. Thank you."
Luvena A Butler, West Chester, OH
"Arthro 7 is nothing less than a miracle "big time" I am able to hop out of bed ion the mornings without wanting to scream with pain. I have been completely free of pain for several years now. Yep I still take one Arthro 7 capsule daily. It's great"
Ann Hamilton, Kimball, MI
"Arthro 7 has been working like a miracle for me I started using Arthro 7 when I noticed I had pain in my knees and shoulder 4 years ago.l I cant be without it! It keeps me going without hardly any pain. Arthro 7 is a miracle - like magic..."
Marietta Bittoni, Worthington, OH
"I an 76 years old I started taking Arthro 7 three and a half years ago. When my doctor told me I needed my left knee replaced because I had no cartilage, instead I start taking Arthro 7 and the swelling went down and I had much less or no pain. I intend to keep taking Arthro 7 because it helped me alot."
Louise Rose, Richmond, VA
"Within 3 weeks of starting Arthro 7 my painful knees felt so much better. In 2 months the pain I had endured for several years was gone. Now 4 years leter there is no pain I continue the daily dose of Arthro 7 and do not want to go without it. 79 and going strong."
Clarence W Struska, Missouri City, TX
"I have been taking Arthro-7 for over seven years. I had arthritis in my shoulder for many years prior to taking Arthro-7. After taking Arthro-7 for all these years my arthritis has dissappeared. Thanks to Arthro-7"
Helen Blue, Astoria, IL
"I had started on Arthro 7 several yeawrs ago when I was having knee pain and swelling. It helped right away. My husband got sick went into the hospital and passed away. I ran out of Arthro 7 and with everything going on I just didn’t order it, when I finally got started on it again the pain & swelling is gone."
Jack Holcomb, Locust Grove, GA
"I could hardly walk till I started taking Arthro 7. After 2 weeks taking Arthro 7 I started getting better and now I can walk normal again.I am 74 yrs old now."
Jo Kazhe, Ruidoso, NM
"Arthro 7 a friend told me about this product and I tried it. After a month I could tell difference in the severity of my arthritis pain. After three months I really felt better. Then after a couple years I decided I could do without the Arthro. I went three weeks - the pain was terrible- I reordered and have Arthro 7 deivered monthly. I wont do without it again."
Terry Lijewski, Hudson, WI
"6 years ago my whole body was racked with arthritis. I went to florida with my doctor saying that Methotrexate would be the next perscription, after Indomethecine and 3 others failed, my landlord in florida recommended Arthro 7 since that time after 90 days & continuous use i've been rid of arthritis pain."
Lucille M Payne, Canton, OH
"In the hospital for knee surgery the hospital could not provide Arthro 7 for me as soon as I was home, toes, fingers, shoulders, arms began the same arthritis pain. I immediately took Arthro 7 pain gone! "
Molly Urial, Glendale, AZ
"Thanks for Arthro 7 it has done wonders to my bones. My knees were out of place sometimes and nobody was able to shake my hand because I was in a lot of pain. So thanks for Arthro 7 I am pain free. I been taking them for 1 1/2 years."
Karen McGuire, Lebanon, OH
"Last year I started having knee problems. I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee and was supposed to have my left knee done also. My right knee was not much better after surgery and my doctor said it was because there was arthritis. I started taking Arthro-7 and now my knees are both pain free. I wish I had started taking it before I had surgery on my right knee because I don't need to have my left knee done now."
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Doctor Recommended

Arthro-7 is one of many physician-formulated products that have undergone successful, rigorous human clinical trials.

Our board of 40+ physicians utilize their collective expertise in preventive medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, urology, podiatry, gastroenterology, and many other areas to provide innovative solutions that improve your overall quality of life. Click to see more of our advisory board.

Dr. Hahn's Personal Testimony

"I've recommended this product for over 10 years in my clinical practice and I've seen positive results, not only for my patients but also on my own self. Positive results utilizing Arthro-7 have been supported by a UCLA researcher."

John Hahn, D.P.M., N.D, is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, and a member of both the American Podiatric Medical Association and the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

“...I’ve seen positive results, not only for my patients, but also on my own self.”

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